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40 Tips To Live A Better Life

Flip Your Life is an easy-to-read compilation of common-sense life coaching tips designed to impact every reader.  

Flip Your Life was written to be informative, educational, inspirational, motivational and entertaining. Inside this book, you will find 40 different coaching tips to help anyone seeking a better and more fulfilling life. Along with plenty of famous quotes, this book is loaded with great tips, advice, and common-sense "repackaged" for your reading pleasure. 

- You will discover ways to re-connect with yourself and make better connections with others. 

- You will find ways to contribute to the betterment of society and mankind. 

- Some readers will rediscover some very simple, common-sense ways to realize long-lasting change for personal growth and development.

- You will learn ways to build your mind, body, and soul; reduce stress, protect yourself, and gain the edge you need to get ahead in life.

To get your copy, click HERE

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