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Leadership has little to do with a title or position, but everything to do with your state of mind; your ability to make sound choices, and your ability to inspire, empower and influence others. Coach Brian has a message that empowers leaders to dig deep and lead with passion. As a ministry leader, entrepreneur, mentor and Life Coach, Brian has studied leadership principles for nearly two decades. He shares his experience and knowledge with leaders everywhere. Brian shares how leadership principles can be applied to build a strong home as well as a strong company. He created the Leadership Advancement Network. - A company that gives leaders resources, leadership education, and networking opportunities.


"It's a tragedy is when a leader is more comfortable devouring instead of empowering." - Brian T Flippin





"Discovering the power within" is the message Coach Brian shares with his audience. Brian shares what happened when he decided to "live on purpose," and focus on things that mattered, and how it transformed his life. He shares how real change and transformation only comes when someone changes the way they think. Transforming your life requires a decision; a decision to take ownership of your destiny - Being willing to put in the work necessary to reach your goals, even in the presence of fear.


"Powerful thoughts produces powerful results." - Brian T Flippin




From experience, Coach Brian shares how he was able to help heal and strengthen his marriage, family, and friendships. Brian is a strong advocate for healthy families; keeping the traditional family unit intact. He stresses the importance of both the mother and father being active in the lives of their children. He also helps struggling couples find common ground to re-ignite their passion for each other. Brian shows how effective communication, patience, diligence, proper boundaries, and love-in-action will create a strong relationship.


"A relationship is no place to play the blame game. There are no winners in this game. Taking responsibility for your own faults and failures is a sign of real maturity." - Brian T Flippin




In the Fall of 1998, Coach Brian's younger was gunned down in broad daylight on a city sidewalk. Nearly 10 years later his mother suffered a severe brain injury, which left her mentally disabled. Almost 8 years after that, his father developed interstitial lung disease and underwent a double lung transplant.


Through experience and insight, Coach Brian shares his story and the stories of others who were facing adversity and hopelessness, and how hope was found; even in "impossible" situations. He speaks from the heart with passion and conviction. Many audience members are motivated and inspired by the message of hope Coach Brian delivers.


"When someone is broken, they can't heal without hope" - Brian T Flippin




There's no greater investment than in the next generation of our young people. There are so many youths who are broken, misguided, and have no sense of purpose. Coach Brian shares a message of hope, self-worth, greatness, motivation, and love with young audiences. He lets them know that they do matter, and that they have the power to change the world around them. He also shares a message of "tough love," and tells his young audiences the price to pay for lawlessness and disrespect. On the other hand, he tells them that they can demand their price in the marketplace, only after they put in the work necessary to discipline themselves to get a good education - in and out of the classroom.


"The greatest legacy a man can leave is not fame or fortune, but a child or children who grow up to be contributors to the advancement of mankind and the Kingdom of God." - Brian T Flippin



As a "preacher's kid," raised in a spiritual household, Coach Brian understands the importance of spiritual conviction and how it helps to shape character. Being a ministry professional and ministry leader, Brian understands spiritual brokenness and the need for spiritual restoration. He takes his message of purpose and spiritual restoration to churches and congregations that welcome a fresh perspective on spiritual healing. He helps parishioners understand the importance of the "church" in the life of a believer, and the supportive role of the parishioner to the "church"; to rebuild the effectiveness and relevance of the church in the local communities. The message of spiritual restoration is not just for the church, but for everyone who needs healing and restoration.


"A man's body can be weak and broken, but he can still survive if his spirit is strong." - Brian T Flippin

"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." - Romans 10:17 NKJV


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