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If You Were Born To Stand Out, You Will Never Fit In (Repost)

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

At an early age, I found out something about myself; I was different than mostly everyone else around me. I really never fit in with the "crowd." I had people tell me all the time, "there's something different about you." When I was a child, I didn't understand it. However, when I got a little older, I came to understand my purpose (That's another story all together. Let's just say, I endeavor to empower people). Early on, I discovered, in most places I stood-out.  That didn't mean I was always "popular;" because I wasn't. As a matter of fact, most people didn't know how to "take" me. My purpose lead me on a different path. I never followed the "crowd" or subscribed to the "status quo." 

Through my years of dealing with all kinds of people, I've met many others just like me.  Here's what I've found out about people who stand out (this may be you).

Stand-Outs are usually...

1) Dreamers - Don't let people kill your dreams. Continue to do the work to make your dreams a reality. Many people are dream killers because their lives are nightmares.

2) Visionaries - You usually see things others don't, and go down "paths" other won't.

3) Misunderstood - Because you don't do what's considered "normal," some people will dismiss you instead of embrace you.

4) Loners - Sometimes you will find yourself by yourself. Some people will sit on the sidelines watching you instead of supporting you; only to embrace you once you're successful. You may have less "friends," but more quality and true friends. You must learn to be ok with that.

5) Forward Moving - You understand that your past was an experience and not a "place" to camp out. You also understand that just because someone was a part of your past, they don't get a free ride into your future. You gotta move on...and live.

6) Living on purpose - You've kinda figured out your "why;" why you were born. The reason why most people won't understand you at first and won't stick around is because your purpose will only allow you to entertain certain kind "people."

7) Big Thinkers - Your mind never stops producing; you're always thinking about your next move. You don't allow negativity to hold you down for long.

8) Hard Workers - You never embraced the entitlement mentality. You know your vision for the future will upset the status quo, so you have to work harder to let people see your dreams are not just fantasies.

9) Failures - Yes, I said it...failures. Stand-outs are bold enough to "test the waters." You are not afraid to fail. You understand that failure is part of success. To you, failure is a learning experience. You don't live in it; you learn from it to build your definition of success, and work to manifest it.

10) Weird - Just face it. If you're a stand out, embrace it and stop trying to explain yourself to people who will never understand you anyway. If you read all of this, you've just found out something about're weird...and that's a good thing! Stand out my friend.

Brian T Flippin

Professional Life & Relationship Coach, Author, Speaker

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