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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi. I'm Brian Flippin. Welcome to the rebranded Flippin Life website.


If you are a new visitor, I'm glad to have you as part of the Flippin Life experience. If you have been following me, then most of you know that Flippin Life began as a one-on-one Life and Relationship Coaching practice. Over the years, I've been able to help countless couples and individuals "find their way." When I began this journey, I couldn't imagine the impact that so many of you would have on my life. Because of you, I want to do more.


Flippin Life is now a platform featuring my blogs, podcasts, and other resources. I'm here to motivate, educate, and inspire you to live a better life. I'm here to Flip Your Life...Yeah, you know that's clever.


One last thing...I apologize to absolutely no one for being a man of faith and having an opinion of my own. Now, let's do this.

Flip Your Life (Updated)



40 Tips To Live A Better Life

Flip Your Life is an easy-to-read compilation of common-sense life coaching tips designed to impact every reader. Flip Your Life was written to be informative, educational, inspirational, motivational and entertaining. Inside this book, you will find 40 different coaching tips to help anyone seeking a better and more fulfilling life. Along with plenty of famous quotes, this book is loaded with great tips, advice, and common sense "repackaged" for your reading pleasure. Yes. It's common sense!

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